Tip #230 - What makes our Text Translator Different

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Tip #230 - What makes our Text Translator Different

Postby wordmagicsoft » Thu Oct 15, 2009 4:41 pm

Applies to: Text Translator, Professional and Plus Version 5

We ended our last Tip asking if it was just a matter of sheer luck that Word Magic’s Translator produced a 100% score in the translation of six (very simple) sample sentences, whereas the online “free” application we used for comparison produced only one good hit (a score of 16.7%.)

Our question was made 20% in jest and 80% seriously.

As a matter of fact, a 100% accurate translation is impossible. Therefore, our 100% score in a sample of six random sentences is definitely sheer luck. Our expected accuracy ranges between 65% to 70%. Some competitive applications are similar while others range as low as 20%.

We are not saying that our accuracy is much better than other software’s. Our point is that we cannot compare our translator with others because ours is not “simply” a text translator. We are talking here about a TOTALLY DIFFERENT product.

There are dozens of accessories which place our software in a totally different category. However, if we are to summarize the most obvious ones they are the following.

1. High-accuracy, context-sensitive automatic translation engine, which produces relatively good first-shot results and minimizes the need of Interactive Editing.

2. True Retranslation functionality, which lets the User know in his own native language what the recipient is getting at the other end.

3. Interactive Mode functionality, which allows the User to correct a faulty translation live, just by clicking on the default word.

4. Color Pictures attached to multiple-meaning nouns, which greatly facilitate the selection of the desired meaning, just by clicking on the corresponding picture

5. Translation Memory, which lets you mark specific words as “preferred translation” for future runs.

We do not like to boast about our system. Therefore, we invite you to download a Free Trial Here and compare for yourself.
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