Tip #240 - From Our Hotline

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Tip #240 - From Our Hotline

Postby wordmagicsoft » Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:10 am

One of our customers –also a professional translator who was translating medical texts—called us inquiring about the translation of the word “tejido”.

He said that our Text Translator rendered this word into English always as “fabric” and that the correct term was “tissue” in the context that he was working on, related to anatomy.

Solution: Use Word Magic’s feature of Translation Memory, available in the Interactive Mode of our Professional Text Translator. Simply click on the word “tejido”. You will see all the possible translations of this entry in the lower part of the Interactive window (displayed vertically).

You will also see the different meanings of “tejido” displayed horizontally. Click on meaning #2: (tejido celular=cell tissue) and then press the right button of the mouse. Now click on “Set as First Meaning” and… that’s it! From that point on, that particular meaning (tejido celular) will be chosen as the default first meaning and “tissue” as its translation.

You can use Word Magic’s Translation Memory feature on any word you choose. You can also go back to its original translation.

You can also select different translations vertically. For instance, you could choose “cell tissue” as your default translation for “tejido” instead of “tissue”.

Our tip for this week: Nowhere else will you find a similar functionality in any other translation software in the market. Only Word Magic offers Memory Translation, Interactive Translation and True Retranslation: three unique and exclusive features designed to make your work more efficient.
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