Tip #241 - From Our Hotline

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Tip #241 - From Our Hotline

Postby wordmagicsoft » Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:11 am

One of our customers –another professional translator—had the firm conviction that he could always translate faster by himself than using a translation program. His argument was that it took him more time to fix the automatic translation rendered by translation software than doing the whole job by hand.

This attitude is typical of most professional translators… until they try our Interactive mode.

Our advice for him was oriented in that sense. We said “Why don’t we leave the pro and con arguments until after you try it out?”

He did, and he became convinced that using our Interactive Mode (*available only in the Professional and Plus Versions) was actually faster on the average than translating the whole text by himself. There were some sentences where it took him more time --he said—but, on the other hand there were many other sentences where the automatic translation came out almost perfect and needed only a change in one word. Using the Interactive Mode, this change can be made with a single click of the mouse. A wide selection of alternate synonyms and meanings are displayed for you like the colors and shades in a painter’s palette.

Our tip for this week: Try Word Magic’s Interactive Mode and become a painter of words yourself. You will be amazed at the variety of options and the actual time saved.
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