Tip #245: Context, Context, Context

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Tip #245: Context, Context, Context

Postby wordmagicsoft » Fri Feb 12, 2010 8:34 am

Applies to all Word Magic Text Translators

It’s common knowledge that in Real Estate, the value of a property is determined by the following three factors : Location, Location, Location.

In translation, it is context what determines the meaning of a sentence. In an automatic-type, single-option translator, the same as the ones you find “free” on the Internet, you do not have the option of choosing the translation that best fits your context. You get ONE result, and you’re stuck with it… be it right or wrong.

Take for instance the following sample sentences and translate them using one of those FREE ONLINE SERVICES:

  • Juan me embargó el sueldo. = John seized me pay.
  • La emoción me embargó. = The emotion seized me.

Needless to mention, none of the translations is correct. The result is miles off. Now, let’s try these same sentences using Word Magic’s Text Translator:

  • Juan me embargó el sueldo. = John embargoed my salary.
  • La emoción me embargó. = I was overwhelmed by emotion

The difference is in the details, and it pays to be correct when you are involved in translation.
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