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Tip #247 - Word Magic Can Run on Mac now

PostPosted: Tue Feb 23, 2010 10:04 am
by wordmagicsoft
Applies to all Word Magic Products

This is good news for many of our web visitors who for years have asked us if we have a version for Mac.

While we do not have a Mac version of our programs, there is a system called Parallels Desktop® where you can run any Windows program on any Mac or Apple computer in a completely natural way. It will look and operate exactly as if you were using it in Windows. Parallels Desktop® 5 for Mac fully supports Windows 7 and its AERO graphics, and it’s optimized for Mac OS X Snow Leopard. You can use Multi-touch gestures (swipe, pinch, etc.) in your Windows applications, while making Windows invisible on your Mac. Parallels Desktop® 5 for Mac helps you run Windows programs and devices seamlessly on your Mac.


For more information on Parallels Desktop® click here.

You can purchase this application here.