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Tip #267 - What Color is a Noun Phrase? New in Version 6!

PostPosted: Tue Aug 24, 2010 10:09 am
by wordmagicsoft
In our last tip, we discussed the advantages of having the program display different colors for different parts of speech in the Interactive mode, a feature which you can turn on or off.

Word Magic has taken this innovation one step further in Version 6.0 of the Translator Professional Plus: you will have an entire module dedicated to Grammar and Syntax, a true educational aid. It not only gives you separate colors for each separate part of speech, but also for each constituent segment of the sentence as well; you will also see the Subject and Object neatly separated and marked with different colors. Noun phrases, prepositional phrases, adjective phrases and much more will be displayed to make your educational experience something really special!

Each new Word Magic upgrade is full of innovation. This time, Version 6.0 will set a new benchmark far ahead in the Computer Translation industry.