Tip #268 - Version 6.0 – Interactive Translation

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Tip #268 - Version 6.0 – Interactive Translation

Postby wordmagicsoft » Tue Aug 24, 2010 10:10 am

The best software application is inferior to a human translator. Good translation is an art, and you cannot create good art automatically, with a machine. In order to produce art you must play with choices, combinations, nuances and – above all--different ways of expressing your ideas. You must shuffle words much in the same way a magician shuffles his cards in order to produce his magic act, or a painter selects his colors in his palette to create subtle tones, shades or beautiful blends. In translation, it all boils down to freedom of expression and your ability to choose the correct words.

What our Interactive Translator (Professional Version) does is present you with all possible options in an orderly way to facilitate your selection of words. Our current 5.0 Version does this job nicely enough. So, you might ask: What more should one expect? What can possibly be so “new” in Version 6.0?

Interactive Translation has been Word Magic’s greatest breakthrough in the field of MT. Now, the barrier is going to be surpassed once more. Wait and see, you are in for a big surprise!
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