Tip #269 - Version 6.0 Enhances Rule-based Translation

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Tip #269 - Version 6.0 Enhances Rule-based Translation

Postby wordmagicsoft » Tue Aug 24, 2010 10:12 am

We at Word Magic Software are quite conscious of the fact that once in a while you can obtain pretty accurate translations using the free translators available on the Internet. These translators are based on statistics and, while you can obtain a “good” translation, there is also a big possibility of obtaining a “bad” translation. It is a matter of chance and course. But rule-based translators such as the ones we offer at our website, on the other hand, are much more consistent, which is why we focused on consistency and options in our new Version 6.

We are not trying to deceive you here. A statistical translator will “sometimes” yield a better translation output than a ruled-based one, plus, you have an additional advantage to top it off: it’s free.

So, how do we compete against “free“? How can we keep ourselves in business? People love freedom and freedom of choice. A statistical translator gives you a flat output, no choices whatsoever. Thus, if somebody, or “something”, takes away your ability to “choose”, it is in fact taking away your freedom.

A statistical translation gives you one output only, and –regardless if it is right or wrong-- you are stuck with it. You can’t tell the statistical translator to change it. You are left in a straitjacket, and everybody resents that!

So, in order to answer the question “How many choices does YOUR translator give you?”, we can reply: ZERO with other translators. Only Word Magic’s Version 6 offers Interactive Translation, which opens up a world of limitless possibilities for you!
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