Tip #218 - Word Magic Text Translator

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Tip #218 - Word Magic Text Translator

Postby wordmagicsoft » Thu Jul 23, 2009 4:23 pm

After reading our last Tip (#217) you may now understand a little better why a “true” retranslation is a must when using translation software of any type.

We must again emphasize the qualifying adjective “True” when we are talking about back translation.

True Retranslation* (Patent Pending) is an exclusive development of Word Magic Software and is available only in the Professional and Plus versions of our Text Translators. It was developed concretely in order to afford a practical solution to problem #3, referred-to in our previous tips:

3. How do you know if you are getting a bad translation in the first place, if you are not fluent in the other language?

Now, let's come to problem #2: Once you have been apprised on the accuracy your translation, how do you go about fixing it if it came out bad, or obtaining and even better style if it came out good?

Again, Word Magic has developed another exclusive functionality called Interactive translation* (Patent Pending) which allows you to do all these things on the fly, in the most user-friendly way you can imagine.

Most of our Users are already familiar with this unique functionality. However, for those of you who are not, we invite you to click Here to download a free trial of our Text Translator.

Another valid Tip: If you are not getting the same results that we display in our weekly Tips it is probably because you have not yet downloaded the latest free versions. Our translation engine is being improved at a very fast rate. Each new release contains hundreds of new grammatical rules. We estimate that each month our overall accuracy increases about one full percent. Considering that our test database contains about 1 million sentences in each language, this means that 10,000 new sentences are being added to the “correct translation” category every month. Still, we have a long road ahead.

Updates are Free. Be on the watch for Free Version 5.4, coming soon! Take advantage of the last improvements.
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