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Tip #220 - There's more to our story...

PostPosted: Tue Aug 18, 2009 4:16 pm
by wordmagicsoft
Let’s assume that our Text Translator actually made a mistake and translated:

  • Honey, breakfast is ready = Miel, el desayuno está listo.

In that case our True Retranslation functionality (available only in the Professional and Plus Versions) would have displayed:

  • Honey, breakfast is ready = Bee honey, breakfast is ready

and you would have immediately realized that there was something wrong with the translation, even if you don’t know any Spanish. But this is not all. When using the Interactive mode, a color picture is also automatically displayed showing a pot and a spoon full of honey. There’s no way you can miss the point. Even a definition of “honey” appears at the bottom of the screen: “A sweet yellow liquid produced by bees.”

However, bear in mind that True Retranslation and Interactive Editing are simply our backup tools, our Plan B, so to speak. We have to be realistic and accept that – no matter how accurate and context-sensitive our translator might be—there will be many, many times where it will fail to correctly translate a sentence. It is precisely on those occasions where our backup tools prove to be priceless in helping you. No other translation application in existence in the whole translation industry as of today has these tools or anything even remotely resembling Interactive Mode or True Retranslation.

Luckily, in the case at hand, Word Magic obtained a correct translation at its first shot without the use of the Interactive Mode. The User is reassured of the result by simply looking at the Retranslated output:

  • Honey, breakfast is ready = Darling, breakfast is ready.