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Trasnlating help

Postby MARIA ROSA » Wed Sep 09, 2009 4:08 pm

Ayuda con este párrofo para traducirla:
He went back to the hotel and put in a call to Ruth Lewin. Her maid told him she was on vacation and was not expected back for several days. He gave up in disgust, and then in sullen reaction, he determined to divert himself. If Chiara could play so could he. He set off for a three-day bachelor jaunt to Capri. He swam in the daytime, flirted sporadically in the evening, drank twice as much as he needed. More disgusted with himself than ever, he packed his bag the next morning and set out for Ischia.
The villa of Alicia de Nogara was a rambling pseudo-Moorish structure set on the eastern slope of Epomeo, with a spectacular view of terraced vineyards and blue water
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Re: Translating help - FORUM RULES

Postby wordmagicsoft » Wed Sep 09, 2009 5:18 pm

Dear Forum User,

I remind you of one of our forum rules:

5. No proofreading or homework.
These forums are not for obtaining free schoolwork, translations, or revisions of texts. Long texts are accepted in order to answer specific grammar or vocabulary questions… and only if you post your own translation/interpretation first.
5. No se permiten revisiones de textos ni tareas escolares.
Estos foros no son un servicio para obtener tareas escolares, traducciones o revisiones de textos gratuitas. Pueden usarse textos largos siempre que sean necesarios para responder a una pregunta específica de gramática o vocabulario, y sólo si usted incluye su propia traducción o interpretación.

Please include your first attempt for the translation.
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