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Article Translation

Postby adnimadu » Tue Aug 23, 2011 3:32 pm

Hi everybody, my name is Adrian, I'm from Chile... I'm studying english-spanish translation and I've one cuestion,
my teacher asked me to translate a medicinal text, but obviously, i'm not so sure about some terms...
I will copy the text in here, and i'll mark the words i misunderstand:
"a primary interest of the field of infant mental health is in the early conditions that place infants at risk for less than optimal development. the fundamental problem of what constitutes normal and abnormal development is now a focus of developmental psychology, infant psychiatry, and developmental neuroscience. In the second part of this sequential work, i present interdisciplinary data to more deeply forge the theoretical links between severe attachment failures, impairments of the early development of the right brain's stress coping systems, and maladaptive infant mental health. in the following, i offer thoughts on the negative impact of traumatic attachment pattern associated with abuse and neglect, trauma-induced impairments of a regulatory system in the orbitofrontal cortex, the links between orbitofrontal dysfunction and a predisposition to posttraumatic stress disorders, the neurobiology of the dissociative defense, the etiology of dissociation and body-mind psychopathology. the effects of early relational trauma on enduring right hemispheric function, and some implications for models of early intervention. these findings suggest direct connections between traumatic attachment, inefficient right brain regulatory functions, and both maladaptive infant and adult mental health."
If somebody could help me with this, I really apreciate...
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Re: Article Translation

Postby pontingroy » Sun Sep 04, 2011 11:13 pm

The cultural implications of translation can take many forms, ranging from the lexical content and syntax to ideologies and ways of life in a given culture. The translator also has to decide on the importance given to certain cultural traits and how much is necessary or desirable to them results in the target language (TL). The objectives of the source text (ST), and the readership aimed at both the ST and the target text (TT) also have implications for translation.
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