Tip #231 - What makes our Text Translator Different Part II

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Tip #231 - What makes our Text Translator Different Part II

Postby wordmagicsoft » Sat Oct 24, 2009 10:43 am

Applies to: Text Translator, Professional and Plus Version 5

As a conclusion of what we said in our last Tip (#230), we should not compare our Text Translation system (Professional and Plus Versions) with other translators available in the market because we are talking about completely different products.

The text translation programs you see available elsewhere in the market are simple “translation engines”. You feed in a text or document in one language in the input box and you obtain a translation in the other end. This is what’s called, automatic, on-the-fly translation.

Our system can do exactly that when used in Automatic Mode. It performs just as a “translation engine”. Text goes in. Text goes out. No alternatives. No guidelines. No feedback information. However, Word Magic offers much more than that. It is a complete automobile, not just the engine. Here are just a few points to establish an analogy:

1) An automobile has a steering wheel and brakes. It can turn and skip holes in the road. This is exactly what our Interactive Mode is about. No other translator in existence has interactive control over the translation process. Their “engine” runs only in one direction: straight ahead, no matter what, no matter where.

2) An automobile has comfortable seats. It is “user-friendly”. Our Text Translator has all kinds of extra accessories, voice pronunciation, voice recognition, idioms dictionaries, color pictures, etc. The Interactive mode is so user-friendly that you can correct a faulty translation with just a click of the mouse. You can select alternative roads also, not drive over the same old beaten path over and over. Use different synonyms. Improve your style. Use colloquial expressions or formal speech if you want.

3) Most important: Modern automobiles have a Global Positioning System (GPS), which lets you know where you are and how to get to your destination. Our Text Translator is the only system in existence today which has this equivalent functionality. When you translate a sentence, the system uses True Retranslation to let you know exactly what the translated text says, so that you may either approve it or correct it using the Interactive Mode.

4) Last but not least: luxury automobiles have an Auto Pilot. Our translation system has, in this case, Translation Memory. You can mark any selected word with your favorite translation. Just one click is required. The system will remember the mark and use your preferred translation in all future jobs.

Frankly, we feel that you deserve riding a luxury car instead of simply riding bareback on a “translation engine”. Are we boasting or just stating the truth? We invite you to download a Free Trial Here and compare for yourself.
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