Tip #233 - What makes our Text Translator Different Part IV

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Tip #233 - What makes our Text Translator Different Part IV

Postby wordmagicsoft » Thu Nov 12, 2009 6:26 pm

Applies to: Text Translator, Professional and Plus Version 5

After looking at the results of the translation used in the example in Tip #230, the question still remains: Could our translator be even more helpful and decide for itself which “jabalina” we are talking about?

It could, if we give it more context. The original sentence was:

[*] Encontré una jabalina=I found a javelin=Encontré (localizar) una lanza liviana

[*] Encontré una jabalina=I found a wild sow= Encontré (localizar) a un jabalí

There is not enough context in the sentence. Still, you could choose between option #1 or option #2 very easily just clicking on the appropriate tag, or clicking on the corresponding color picture. However, if you provide more context, our Text Translator could decide the best choice by itself. For instance:

[*] La jabalina estaba furiosa= The wild sow was furious.
[*] True Retranslation: El jabalí estaba furioso


[*] La jabalina se quebró = The javelin broke
[*] True Retranslation: La lanza liviana se quebró (fracturarse)

Out of simple curiosity, how does a single-track free Internet translation engine handle this sentence? Does the context have any effect on the results? Unfortunately, the context has no apparent effect. Let’s see:

[*] La jabalina estaba furiosa= The javelin was furious. [?]

Another example by Word Magic’s Professional Text Translator:

[*] “Le enseño a la jabalina a comportarse bien= I teach the wild sow to behave properly”
[*] True Retranslation: “Le enseño (capacitar) al jabalí para comportarse bien”
[*] “Ella lanzó la jabalina muy lejos= She threw the javelin far away”

These examples were meant to show to us the difference between a comprehensive Translation System - such as Word Magic- and a straightforward, literal translation engine without context sensitivity. Context sensitivity makes a world of difference… like a radar in a modern car.

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