Tip #246 - The Importance of Fine Detail

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Tip #246 - The Importance of Fine Detail

Postby wordmagicsoft » Fri Feb 12, 2010 8:42 am

Applies to: Word Magic Text Translators

The idea of computerized Language Translation has become such an impossible endeavor since its beginnings around the middle of the last century that the modern tendency is to forget about it.

Today, developers say, ”Since we cannot create a system that actually translates from one language to another using grammatical and semantic rules, let’s “cheat” and simply grab hold of huge quantities of translated materials from where the computer seeks out similar translated segments and then we can copy-paste them into the TRANSLATOR(read STATISTICAL COPY-MACHINE)”

This system produces wonderful results at times. No doubt it is quite practical. However, the USER is receiving a “counterfeit translation”.

If we are serious about quality and Artificial Intelligence, we should not feel satisfied with advancing on this fake road any further. This is the kind of translator which you now find offered as a Free Service practically everywhere on the Internet, with a few exceptions.

How do you know if a system is a Statistical Copy-Machine or a true translator? You may try this simple test. If you obtain a good translation, and then make a little change in a word, you will see how the system fails. Why? Because the changed sentence was perhaps not in the database where the computer obtains its copied material.

For instance, try:

  • Me enteré que ella vino = I learned that she came Perfect!
  • Te enteré que ella vino = I learned that she came Same Result? Not a chance!
  • Me enteré que vino = I learned that wine Wine?
  • Te enteré que vino = I learned that wine Wrong on both counts!
  • Te quiero = I love you Perfect!
  • La quiero = I love This should be: I love her

Our Tip for this week: Try these sentences using Word Magic’s Text Translator (Free download Here). Would you trust a “free” service that sometimes gives you perfect translations, and then, due to a slight variation, totally misses the mark? And even then, how do you know if it’s not actually “perfect”?
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